Wednesday, 21 August 2019


The Treasure Box 
As I gather all my belongings together getting ready to leave I sense the smell of smoke drifting through my nostrils. Escaping from enemies hearing the cry for help I am so scared. As I am walking I see frightened people crying for help. I feel so angry because why would people want to do such harm. I AM NOT SAFE.

Endangered people break free from the carnage that they are leaving. They stumble and trip towards the doors of freedom. Entering a safe place finding a place to rest. I do not feel safe but there is no where else to go. There's a lot of noise around me, I can’t even sleep, babies crying, parents screaming and kids being confused. I can still hear my village getting bombed by the soldiers I feel so furious I just wished I can get revenge on them but How?

The Next day comes by and I wake up to an idea I can get revenge. Gathering my people we make a plan as we start to move we hear the soldiers coming our way. We run as quietly as possible, but sadly one of our people got shot. We had to move quickly to ensure we were safe again. Our plan had to change for sure we had to go over the mountains and get cover in the forests. It took us five to seven days to arrive at our destination, away from all the tragedy and suffering back home.

Friday, 16 August 2019

The Treasure Box!

In Drama Class today we had to write down how we were feeling and what was thoughts on this book called the 'Treasure Box.' It was about  villages being shot by their enemies. Here is what I wrote  about how I was feeling at the time.We had to write what we were smelling,thinking,hearing and how we feel  visulising the book in our heads.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Ear Digram

The Pinna or the outer ear, funnels sound vibrations into the ear canal. The sound waves hit the Ear Drum, a membrane (thin layer of skin) at the end of the ear canal, which vibrates. The vibrations move the Ossicles, three small bones that make that make the sound louder. They send sound waves to the cochlea. The Cochlea is filled with fluid, which ripples with the sound waves and moves tiny hair shaped cells called cilia. Cilia transform the vibrations into electrical impulses. The Auditory Nerve send these impulses to the brain, which translates the signals into the sounds you hear.

Monday, 29 July 2019

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