Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Eupraise Barbier

Eupraise Barbier
Euphrasie Barbier is the founder of the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions. She worked at a laundry when she was 13 yrs of age and opened her own own laundry when she was 17 yrs old. Euphrasie Barbier brought the congregation to birth in France on christmas day 1861, and four sisters arrived in napier in 1864 to establish the first community in New Zealand. Pukekohe was the first community the sisters founded in the Auckland area. In 1904 the mission sisters started a community in Panmure and in 1912 they opened a community in Ellerslie.

Eupraise Barbier was a woman of strong personality, determined to maintain her independence. She cared for many people around the world, but mostly those who had no food or clothes. She was passionate about spreading the gospel and bringing education to children and women who were in need.

Eupraise Barbier has inspired me to be kind and to help marginalised people. She has also helped me to grow closer to God.

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